Our Story


My name is Lauren,

Principal & Executive Optimist of Impact Giving

Born into a family who celebrated the philosophy that “there is no joy in having anything if you don’t share” allowed me to embrace philanthropy from an early age.

Throughout my career, I have inspired philanthropy and social investment across borders, sectors and causes. With over ten years of fundraising experience, I have built strong networks in both the for-profit and nonprofit space. I love making meaningful connections that result in big wins for all.

I celebrate collaboration and appreciate the importance of fostering client relationships. As someone who lives from her heart, I emotionally invest in the bonds that I build with my clients and I believe that every healthy relationship begins with trust. Once I grow to learn about you and your journey to date, along with the legacy that you wish to lead, I will guide you down your path of purpose.

Looking to fill your life with even more goodness? Let’s connect! I am here to help you effect lasting social change within our local and global community.